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Small bird, big voice!

Today I took a short walk in Abrantes, my local town.
Spring is upon us and it’s nice to hear and see the birds, they’re busy with the breeding season.

A wren male caught my attention…he spent most of the time singing his heart out. The only time he sttoped was to collect moss to build his nest.


The tiny wren has the strongest vocalization in relation to body size. The high notes of his strophic song can be heard at a distance of five hundred meters!

Ebird checklist here.


Raptors at Pangrango

Last saturday I went to  Gunung Gede Pangrango National Park with my birding companion, Tri Susanti.


After a hiking of 3 hours (to many birds to discover!) we reached the Swamp (a forest clearing with head-high grass and a well known place in here).

Soon as we arrived we detect an adult Crested Serpent-eagle Spilornis cheela soaring.

Then displayed in flight (diving followed by an ascent flight with raised wings, beating them for a few seconds in that position, performed a few times).


We were still talking about this behaviour when a male Javan Hawk-eagle Nisaetus bartelsi (we weren’t able to tell the age of this bird), also started to display above (diving followed by an ascent flight and then gliding, also a few times).



After that a juvenile male Javan Hawk-eagle was seen interacting with an adult female, disappearing behind the canopy.

young_femaleTo end a Spotted Kestrel Falco moluccensis flew overhead with a small lizard as prey…

moluccensisI know, crappy pictures! Very light sky and impossible to get better… but you get the idea.

(E-bird list here)